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Trip to London

Last weekend I went to London to celebrate my boyfriend, Jorge's, mothers birthday! We celebrated her birthday on the saturday however I went up a few days early as I didn't have work. I thought this would be great opportunity to show you what I wear on a day to day basis as well as when I dress up a bit more for special occasions. I was in London for a total of 2 full days which I have included in this post. (The day I went up to London was taken up by travelling and so there wasn't much to include in this post for that day!)

DAY 1:  On day one we went out for breakfast to a cafe called The Regency in Victoria. The Regency is a usual for us as it is right round the corner. It is a classic English 'greasy spoon' breakfast kind of place where the food portions are HUGE and the food is incredible! This place is definitely one to check off your list if you are visiting London as not only does it have an amazing typical Full English Breakfast but lots of films have been shot here too!

I was wearing:
Zara jeans - Similar
Reebok trainers - Similar
Zara coat - Similar
DKNY bag - Similar
Grey knit jumper - Similar

DAY 2: Today was also a pretty relaxing day. The weather was terrible so we decided to go browsing  the shops on Oxford Street. I was very good and didn't buy anything although I did find the most beautiful coat from Massimo Dutti that was very hard to let go of! 

 I was wearing:
Tiffany necklace - Open Heart Pendant + Heart Tag Pendant
Scotch and Soda jeans (not visible in the photograph but they are dark blue denim with a black faded coating) - La Bohemienne - Eternal Rinsed - Mid rise - skinny fit

Massimo Dutti coat and jumper

That evening we celebrated Jorge's mothers birthday at a Portuguese restaurant. It was a very fun evening! For my outfit I wore a velvet blazer, black jeans and my over the knee boots. This is my favourite blazer of all time! I got it last year but have never really worn it as I haven't had the right occasion to wear it for so this was perfect!

I was wearing:
Scotch and Soda blazer - Similar Style
Zara boots - Similar

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